About Us


Integrated Nutrition Therapy is a comprehensive program that uses the most recent research based evidence, clinical experience as well as effective behavioral therapies to achieve your goals effectively.

Our practice will work in conjunction with your health care team to best treat your medical conditions and prevent the onset of new health problems. We want to know what your thoughts and concerns are around food and your health. We will openly discuss your nutrition concerns and develop a plan to overcome them. Whether your needs are simple or more complex, we have the knowledge and ability to help you.


Our journey begins with a comprehensive nutrition assessment. We will take a detailed medical and nutrition history to get to know you better. If you set the goals, you will be more likely to achieve them. Through assessment and follow-up sessions, we will strive to build a solid, trusting relationship to effectively improve your health.

History and Vision

We started with a vision to develop a clinically strong nutrition focused counseling practice that can work in conjunction with physicians, therapists and other healthcare providers in the Mercer and Bucks County areas. Our goal was to create an outpatient practice that can handle complex medical concerns and provide a nutrition focused plan of care that will effectively manage them.

Our sessions are designed to educate each client in simple, easy to understand terms and provide effective but achievable goals. Our diverse education and clinical experience allows us to provide the best care for each of our clients. Through years of practice in the Mercer and Bucks County area, we have developed the respect of many healthcare providers by demonstrating how effectively we can improve the health of our clients with evidence-based nutrition therapy. Our collaborative team approach demonstrates why we are “integrated” in helping you achieve your desired health goals.

What Our Clients Say