Art Fogelson, RD, LDN (He/Him)

Art Fogelson, RD, LDN (He/Him)

    • SpecialtyNutrition Therapist
    • Education / QualificationDegree in Nutrition & Dietetics and Masters of Social Work | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    • Work PlaceHamilton,NJ

    Art Fogelson, RD, LDN (He/Him)
    Nutrition Therapist

    I believe the most important catalyst to change is to enable people to feel empowered so that they can make a difference in their lives and that they recognize that small changes often lead to big results in the long run. I believe that this philosophy will enable people to say at the end of it all, not that they were the “Biggest Loser” but instead the “Biggest Winner”. I believe it is important to look at all aspects and measurements of health and not just a number on a scale. Most important is my belief in people as a whole. I feel that all individuals are capable of so much, but sometimes simply need some guidance, support and little reminders along the way.

    I have a dual background, starting out in the Social Work field, working as a Coordinator for a homeless shelter, catering to teenage moms. It is here where I first encouraged people to value themselves and recognize their worth and capabilities. After serving in this capacity for over 6 years, I decided to branch out in another direction, incorporating my training in the nutrition and dietetics field.

    Today, while healthy eating and weight loss is my primary focus, I believe without the ability to appreciate, understand and establish rapport with individuals, a climate of change and general well-being will be more difficult to attain. In the process of coming up with a healthy eating and living plan, people need to be understood and valued for the uniqueness they possess!

    I graduated from Suny Albany with a degree in Psychology and following that, went to graduate school at Yeshiva University where I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work. After practicing as a social worker for several years, mainly in a homeless shelter, I went back to school at West Chester University, where I obtained a degree in nutrition and dietetics. I then did an internship with Sodexo, which was mainly based in a hospital, where I did all aspects of clinical care and intervention.