Loni Pereszlenyi, RD, LDN (She/Her)

Loni Pereszlenyi, RD, LDN (She/Her)

    • SpecialtyRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist
    • Education / QualificationMasters degree in Nutrition & Dietetics | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    • Work PlaceNewtown and Buckingham, PA

    Loni Pereszlenyi, RD, LDN (She/Her)
    Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

    I am a registered dietitian with experience working in the realms of eating disorder/disordered eating treatment and weight management.

    I completed my first bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies at West Chester University of PA, with minors in Spanish and Psychology. A few years later, after some time away from school and time cultivating my interests and passions, I graduated again from West Chester, this time with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I completed my dietetic internship at St. Louis University in Missouri, with a focus in pediatric nutrition. Concurrently, I completed my master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

    I originally envisioned a career working with children and young teens to address a broad spectrum of feeding and eating issues. However, during my internship, I immersed myself in the behavioral aspect of nutrition, ultimately finding a passion in working with teens and young adults to help them achieve a healthy mind-body relationship.

    I’m a firm believer that nutrition is never JUST about food. I believe that our bodies as a whole function at their absolute best when the “rules” of dieting don’t exist. Using intuitive eating and mindfulness, we will work together to find that the perfect diet is NO diet.